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BEE COMPLIANT is an IRBA accredited verification agency, a division of Lockhat Incorporated, www.L-inc.co.za, a registered firm of auditors. In June 2012, Lockhat Incorporated/BEE Compliant was among the first fifteen firms in KZN to be granted a licence to perform unrestricted BEE verifications. Additionally, we are the only firm performing BEE verifications on the South Coast of KZN and we have an established branch in Durban.

BEE Compliant is a Level 3 contributor to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. We provide verification services nationwide, in all provinces of South Africa. We pride ourselves in performing accurate and objective BEE Audit, using preferred checklist, DTI approved software and methodology for evaluation of BEE elements of the measured entity. We have competent staffs and a qualified analyst who perform on-site audit of the measured entity and generate BEE Scorecard / Certificate.

Our vision is to play a leading role in supporting Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment evolution and to be a committed BEE service provider in South Africa.


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How we can help you

At BEE Compliant, we aim to support organisation in determining their BEE credentials and improve on their procurement recognition level via a verified scorecard and BEE Certificate.

We obtained accreditation status as a BEE approved registered auditors from IRBA, Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors, by the Department of Trade and Industry in South Africa. With effect from 1 October 2011, IRBA accreditation status obtained formal recognition to provide Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Verification Certificates nationwide.


At Bee Compliant, we take pride in adhering to the following principles in providing verification servicesĀ 

  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Accuracy
  • Confidentiality
  • Affordability
  • Impartiality
  • Professionalism in interpreting the BEE CodesĀ 
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Committed BEE service provider nationwide

BEE Compliant has as vision to be a committed BEE service provider nationwide and to support B-BBEE continuous evolution and transformation in South Africa. We have professional expertise, committed resources in terms of technology and infrastructure; and specialised BEE knowledge to help legal entity achieve maximum benefit from each of the elements of BEE.

Our vision is to provide continuous dedicated BEE services through our team of highly skilled BEE professionals, providing accurate verification in accordance with the DTI Codes of Good practice.

We aim to achieve a clientele of upto 10% of the market in the next 3 years to come. We position ourselves in the market as a BEE verification agency who competes on providing dedicated and quality service to our clients and we aim to add value to their business.


In fulfilling our mission, we honor a two part client promise:


Personal service: BEE Compliant provides clients of all sizes a level of personal, skilled and professional service unmatched in the profession. The director is always available to consult with and help clients solve problems.
Staff Continuity: Once BEE Compliant begins an engagement, the personnel who work with that client bring extraordinary continuity, which contributes to a strong performance.
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